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20 Best Chrome Extensions To Transform New Tab Page.

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Chrome Extensions

If you used Google Chrome for web browsing, you might know that the web browser supports the extension. You will find different attachments in the Chrome web store, such as note-saving extensions, productivity extensions, etc.

Generally, the Google Chrome web browser does not offer many customization options. However, with the right extensions, you can have some customization options. For example, installing specific extensions allows you to customize the Google Chrome new tab page.

Hence, in this article, we have decided to share a list of the best Chrome extensions to help you transform the “New Tab” page of the Google Chrome web browser.

1. View of the Earth from Google Earth

Earth View was one of my preferred extensions. I usually prioritize this extension because every time you open a new tab, this plugin displays a beautiful satellite-photographed image. The photo shown remains chosen at random – there are cityscapes, canyons, beaches, and even volcanoes. You can also know the image displayed by clicking on the small balloon in the lower right.

2. Currently

If you like a minimal and straightforward theme, this one is for you. Surprisingly, it is clean and concise and more minimalist. It shows the city’s time, current temperature, and weather forecast. The detail is that it does it beautifully. You can easily customize the colours and set your location manually.

3. need

Simply, OneFeed goes your new tab into the terminal’s social dashboard. It is the extension that remains focused on social networks. You can quickly get your updates directly in the new account of your Chrome. In addition, it also comes with a notification center that helps you manage your social networks more efficiently.

4. Dayboard

Dayboard is a textbook extension for those who cannot do without a to-do list to organize their affairs. You will remain given the option to add at least five tasks you must complete by the end of the day. And it will be there every time you open a new tab in your Google Chrome browser. It’s not very pretty, but it’s guaranteed to help you somehow.

5. Dream at a distance

As its name suggests, Dream Distance is a highly motivated extension that will showcase some extraordinary travel photos of the most beautiful places in the world. It shows some good images, including landscapes, flowers, photography, and everything based on travel. Also offers a Google search box that also shows the time and place. It looks pretty similar to the home page.

6. Cardstock

Google excessively stimulates the cardboard. Share the type of related aspect. By opening the new tab, you can view the list of installed extensions, your recent downloads, and your favorite site in an attractive way. It is also convenient, as it can help you manage your cookies, browsing history, and passwords by providing you with a shortcut in the new tab.

7. Be unlimited

If I were to describe this Be Limitless extension in one sentence, I would not hesitate to say that this extension will be handy if you want to increase your productivity. It helps you control the time you spend on a particular tab. Besides, it also comes with a beautiful background image that turns your Chrome’s new tab into a beautiful background and updates the weather report.

8. Taco

Focus with confidence. Taco ( brings all your current tasks from over 40 services – like Gmail, Basecamp, Trello, and Zendesk – to the new Chrome page.  It’s so fast that it could replace Google Chrome’s new tab. It is also productive, as you only have to drag and drop your tasks, tickets, and everything from various websites.

9. New iChrome tab

chrome New Tab is a blazing-fast new tab page that supports a dashboard with impressive backgrounds, news, weather, sports, RSS, to-dos, and more. It’s fast, customizable, beautiful, and productive too! It will provide over 50 widgets with thousands of awesome backgrounds and powerful features, including weather, Sports, News, Actions, RSS, Bookmarks, Gmail, Recently closed tabs and more.

10. Home

You will fall in love with this novel page. It has all the notification panels, badges, recently closed tabs, sticky notes, and more. The slightly more extensive compared to other extensions. It allows you to add custom applications like notifications and badges from Gmail, Google Calendar, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Facebook messages, etc.

11. Momentum

The new tab page gives you a moment of calm and inspires you to be more productive. Set a daily focus, keep track of your tasks, and get inspired by a daily photo and quote. More than a million users are using this extension.

12. Solve it

“Find out, or FIO beautifully displays the time zones you work and play in.” A minimal time zone extension adds up to ten time zones of your choice to your new tab screen, facilitating meeting scheduling and connecting with family.

13. Prioritab

A new tab that emphasizes priority setting. Set your imports for the day, week, and month, and have them remind you every time you open a new account.  You will find this extension handy once you start using it.

14. Speed ​​dial 2

Speed ​​dial 2 is an ideal replacement for a new tab page with quick access to your most visited pages, bookmarks, and browsing history. You can easily organize your favorite websites to increase productivity.

15. Wunderlist New Tab

Replace your New Tab page with a lightweight version of Wunderlist that allows you to quickly add new tasks to your lists. If you consume an idea, you can instantly capture it by opening a new tab. You can even create your to-do list.

16. Change the new tab

The extension doesn’t transform the look of your new tab page in Google Chrome. It does a better job. The extension allows users to change the new tab page to a specific URL. This function remained previously seen in the Firefox browser, and now you can have the same position in Google Chrome Extensions

17. Juicy Drops

The extension sets Instagram feed photos as the background of your new tab. The extension allows users to choose the set of images they want to display based on a tag or username, users can even add their photos, or they can also select the favourite photos of the day from Juicy Drops

18. Wandertab

It is another extraordinary Google chrome extension that can transform the look of your new tab. The app shows you amazing photos from different places and what it costs to go there. But beware, this extension may force you to visit those places due to their impressive photos.

19. Panda 5

Developers, designers, and entrepreneurs are sure to love Panda 5. The extension allows users to stay up-to-date with significant websites’ latest trends and popular content. The extension also lets users set their desired layouts to display popular content worldwide.

20. Muzli 2

Muzli 2 is by far the best extension on the list to keep up with the latest and greatest design shots worldwide. The extension brings you the most extraordinary design, UI, UX, and interactive news and photos from around the web Chrome Extensions.

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