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How does the Use of the Mask affect your Lips?

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Mask affect your Lips

Exfoliate, hydrate, protect, and make up. It is the beauty routine you must follow to achieve dream lips with or without a mask.

Wearing a mask – mandatory throughout the country – for several hours affects the health of our skin. Now, in times of high temperatures and coronavirus. The now-familiar hydroalcoholic gels disinfect our hands and even forearms. But here is the question that we will resolve today. How do we properly care for and protect one of the most sensitive parts of our body, and what suffers more with this new accessory on the face?

According to a scientific study by the UNAM, the lips are one hundred times more sensitive than the fingers of the hands. Hence their care and pampering –with or without a health crisis– must be even more exhaustive and specific. With the new reality, they have become the latest beauty obsession.

” Many people are experiencing dryness and irritation. Due to friction and the lack of ventilation under the mask, the skin on the lips becomes dehydrated and even flakes off “, tells Leticia Carrera, director of the Felicidad Carrera Medical-Aesthetic Center, to Vanity Fair. But how does the continuous use of the Masks? Is exfoliation important? When should we hydrate them? Is it correct to use makeup?

Exfoliate, yes or no?

When we think of a beauty routine, lip exfoliation, also known as lip scrub – is one of the steps that almost always fall into oblivion. Having film lips is possible in coronavirus, but for this, you must follow the proper guidelines to remove dead cells and provide extra softness and flexibility. For years, the star product is the Lip Sugar Scrub by Dior, which contains small grains of sugar and remains applied in circles.

When the difficulties get worse, you have to go to a specialist. “Lip exfoliation is not essential, but when dryness problems persist over time and the skin on the lips flakes, we can resort to a medical peel with lactic acid and retinol specific for lips that restores softness and hydration to the skin,” suggests Carrera.

How to Properly Hydrate?

The key to a healthy, naturally glowing face is good, continuous hydration. The lips, meanwhile, need an extra dose to achieve the desired appearance and more now when we use the mask. “It is necessary to hydrate the lips at least twice a day with specific products that include hyaluronic acid, vegetable oils, and peptides or super-hydrating lip makeup,” the expert clarifies to Vanity Fair.

The proposal of the young firm Glow Filter bets on an original formula enriched with bisabolol and allantoin in its Click Balm that deeply hydrates up to three times more, creating a non-make-up effect.

Can we put on Lip Makeup?

“It is not necessary to put makeup on the lips under the mask, but it is necessary to apply a moisturizing product that keeps the skin juicy and protects it against dryness,” says Leticia Carrera. Therefore, we can put on makeup, but it should always be with a highly hydrating product that provides color and does not dry out the area.

In these cases, it is preferable to put aside the matte effect lipsticks and resort to the classic gloss such as Hydra Lipgloss by Kiko Milano or an intensive repairer that helps reduce the first wrinkles such as ‘ Repairwear ‘ by Clinique.

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