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Reliable news is hard to find nowadays, with the information changing every hour. The Chronicle and SFGate are fabulous, but The New York Times does a brilliant job of coverage, must you want a more national perspective.

Free 72-Hour Pass to N.Y. Times Online

The San Francisco Public Library offers free online contact to The New York Times for up to 72 hours with a code – you can renew this several times as you like. Yes, it is a little bit of a pain to get a new code every 3 days, but that is the price you pay for free. It works for both the website and the mobile app. Get more info

Please note that the codes don’t work periodically, and the system remains shut down for a few days with no explanation.

Free 72-Hour Pass to N.Y. Times Online

How to get a free N.Y. Times 72-Hour Pass

Connect on the New York Times Digital code redemption link on the S.F. Library page.

Click Redeem to get 72 hours of constant access.

Index with your email address, or click “log in here” if you have previously created an account.

Then you’ll get your login for your free pass.

What happens after 72 hours? After the first 72 hours, you will want to redeem a different code for another 72 hours of remote access. It is the licensing model that New York Times has negotiated with public libraries.

New York Times Student Subscription Free

High school students and administrators in the U.S. are eligible for a free New York Times subscription. Access, which is online only and does not include the print version, is free until September 1, 2021.

Who is NOT eligible?

Students under the age of 13, Students and adults who are part of homeschool programs, and Students at schools in which administrators have not granted consent in states that require it. Those in schools outside of the U.S.

New York Times Student Sub

How to sign up

Teachers and administrators of high schools in the United States can start the process by registering HERE. Invite emails will then be sent to students to access their free New York Times subscription.

New York Times Student Login

Go into your login credentials in the pop-up window to log in with your Google, Facebook, or Apple account. Enter the email address and password related to your New York Times account. Select the appropriate Continue with the option if you connected your Google, Facebook, or Apple account to your New York Times account.

Once logged in, select the Account button on the top-right of the page to view more information about your New York Times account, including your subscription benefits, account settings, and saved articles.

New York Times Subscription

All Access subscriptions bring you all of The Times’s digital products, including News, Games, Cooking, Wirecutter, and The Athletic. If you prefer, you can subscribe to any of these products individually. To purchase an All Access subscription, visit

New York Times Subscription

Home Delivery subscribers receive All Access as part of their subscription: visitActivate the All Access Portion of Your Home Delivery Subscription. The New York Times also offers group Digital Access subscriptions for higher education institutions and corporations.

New York Times Subscription Discount

The New York Times. Get all the news that is fit to print from The New York Times, one of America’s premier newspapers.

Students pay $1/wk.

Take advantage of The New York Times student discount, valid as long as you’re a student.

Group discounts

Get digital access for multiple users if you’re part of a school, hotel, library or corporation.

New York Times Subscription Price

The New York Times will increase the price of its digital subscription from $15 every four weeks to $17, the first-ever price increase.

The 13% increase will take effect on March 8, the company said on Tuesday.

The discount rate for students and educators remains $1 per week.

This is the first time The New York Times has raised its digital subscription rates. The company launched a subscription model in March 2011, becoming one of the first US news organizations to place its content behind a paywall after allowing unlimited access.

The decision remained widely seen as bold when readers were not used to paying for digital content. But profits proved otherwise: From 2017 to 2018, revenue from the Times’ digital subscription packages rose 18% yearly to $401 million, according to the company’s most recent annual report.

The paper now has more than four million digital subscribers, to reach 10 million by 2025. It has surpassed The Wall Street Journal, which now has 1.5 million digital subscribers, and all other significant newspapers with paywalls, which have gradually declined in recent years, have moved from the printed version to digital. .

The New York Times has added more than 200,000 digital subscribers every quarter since mid-2018. According to the company’s latest quarterly report, advertising revenues are unevenly split in half by its digital platforms and print papers.

New York Times Annual Subscription Price

The New York Times Subscriptions: Digital and Home Delivery We offer unrestricted access to all forms of journalism. For a year, pay $17 per month and $4 every four weeks. Once a month, your payment will be charged to your Google Account.

The New York Times Website is one of the world’s most popular news sites. For one low price, you can read the content of this website on any device at any time. In addition, you will have unrestricted access to an extensive archive of articles dating back to 1851. The New York Times Website is constantly updated with new content and features, so visit it today!

Every week, the print edition is delivered to homes across the United States. It is still $14.95 per month ($149.50 annually).

The New York Times FAQs

How do I get The New York Times digital access?

All print subscribers automatically get free digital or online access to The New York Times. You’ll also get free access to the smartphone and tablet apps for Apple and Android devices.

What are the benefits of an N.Y. Times subscription?

The New York Times is the world’s most trusted news source, and its global news coverage is unrivalled. You can get your information whenever and however you want. The New York Times home delivery provides the convenience of having the news to your door. You’ll also get access to and mobile access for your smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, digital subscribers will have online, phone, and iPad or tablet access.

Is there a free trial for The New York Times?

Both yes and no. The good news is that you will have unlimited access to all digital content from The New York Times with a digital or home delivery subscription. If you aren’t already a subscriber,

There is a limit to how many articles you can read for free. Anything beyond that will require a subscription to view.

The New York Times is famous of the world’s most trusted news sources, with unparalleled global coverage. You can access your data whenever and however you want. The New York Times home delivery service provides the convenience of taking the news delivered to your door. You will also have contact with and mobile access for your smartphone. Additionally, digital subscribers will have access to the internet, phone, iPad, or tablet.

Is The New York Times available for a free trial?

True and false. The good news is that a digital or home delivery subscription will save you money.

You will have unlimited access to The New York Times’ digital content. Is there a student discount for The New York Times if you aren’t already a subscriber?

Students currently enrolled at an accredited university are eligible for special pricing. we can subscribe to The New York Times as a student for as little as $1 per week for as long as you are a student. To create a digital account, enter email address.

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