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The Evolution Of Digital Entertainment: A Critical Analysis

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The Evolution Of Digital Entertainment

The Evolution Of Digital Entertainment, Remember when we used to look in the newspaper’s entertainment section to learn about all the shows in the evening.

Television became the most important part of the entertainment, and it still is. Then, however, the internet appeared and made us realize what more we could achieve from the media. Now, the internet is more of a super medium that uses all the other media to bring us the best entertainment.

The Internet is an entity, and it is making use of all the physical mediums. So, for example, with a simple internet connection on your television, you can make the formerly known as ‘Idiot box’ smart!

Plus, enjoy all your favorite movies and shows from The Pirate Bay. The evolution of the internet is not that old, but in the span of a few years, it has been able to achieve more than any other medium.

The Evolution Of Digital Entertainment

One of the biggest benefits of digital entertainment is the accessibility of any time anywhere.

This is what made it better than any other medium! It is on-demand!

1. Free Content

The internet started with the concept of sharing information from one computer to the other, and that is how it was always intended to be. The Internet is the only platform where you can still find legal free content.

All you have to do is to get an internet connection which is much more affordable than any other medium. This free content is offered to the audience through some credible source. One such source is BitTorrent, a decentralized medium helping us upload and download free content from all over the world.

2. On-Demand Content

The biggest benefit of the internet to date when it comes to digital entertainment. You can now download or stream content on demand. You do not have to wait for the right time as they can be available to you at all times.

This is the biggest challenge that mediums like newspapers and radio face, and although they aren’t extinct yet, they are surely facing the trait. There is no scheduling for the content that is shown over the internet; you can watch it according to your convenience.

3. End Of Waiting

There was a time when after a movie release, we had to wait for it to stream on the television before we could finally watch it. This waiting time is totally gone in the era of internet evolution.

Now you can watch the latest movies and television series with just a click away. The best part is, it’s free of cost! Watching these contents free over the internet has been a subject of controversy.

However, it has been proved that if the content is viewed without the purpose of monetary gain, watching it free is not a crime.

4. Content Creation

Content Creation has been the epitome of the internet era. This is the generation of generating content and not just consuming it. However, there was a time when creating anything for any medium was an intimidating task and only left for the experts.

However, with people learning everything from the internet, creating content and influencing people through it is becoming a major element of digital entertainment. Moreover, there are websites and platforms where you can get an income from all the original content you make.

5. Education With Entertainment

Television was known as the ‘idiot box’ because it was only meant for brainless consumption. Therefore, no one gathered any knowledge from the content that was meant for entertainment.

However, digital entertainment is changing this notion and bringing education into it. There are shows, books, and movies over the internet, which are also meant to educate the masses and entertainment.

6. Exclusive Online Content

Shows and movies are not just a part of the big pop culture anymore; it is also becoming a part of exclusive internet content. As a result, the Internet is becoming more than a supporting medium; it is becoming a provider on its own.

Now you will find content that cannot be found elsewhere. You can download them for free in BitTorrent as well.

Final Note

Digital entertainment is still young and growing. There is a lot more that we should prepare ourselves for. Some of the other elements which can affect the digital entertainment industry are VR & AI.

Virtual reality is not stuck to the gaming system anymore, it is becoming a part of the entertainment as well, and we could be nothing but excited!

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