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Top Books to Help With Your Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner Certification

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Top Books to Help With Your Prince2 Foundation

Attending the Prince2® Foundation and Practitioner examination is indeed not an easy task but with the right guide, it can be. There’s a broad range of books you can seek the help of as well as trainers who can help you out. However, the trick is always to study smarter and not harder. Take the help of a well-sourced Prince2® Foundation and Practitioner course and your work is already halved.

Prince2® Foundation is concerned with the base knowledge of prince2® project management practices and concepts, while the Practioner certification is concerned with the practical understanding of the processes, techniques, and themes involved. So if you are considering taking the exam, here’s a list of books to help you study and prepare further:

Managing Successful Projects with Prince2®

This book is highly recommended for anyone who is planning to take the Prince2® examination as its comprehensive content deals with all that you need to know about managing successful projects. This book tackles all the necessary information and guidance required on how to control, organize and work project delivery on time and within a set budget without altering the quality. Another attractive feature of the text is that it caters to both IT and non-IT professionals.

Directing Successful Projects with Prince2®

Another top recommendation, this text is not a must-read but offers valuable background information in the context of working projects. It offers a well-rounded leadership view and provides immersive knowledge of working in a Prince2® environment. Drawing on real-life illustrations in organizations, this is a guidebook targeted to senior project board leaders and members, advising them on their duties, how to minimize risk, and concepts relevant to their work.

An Introduction to Prince2®

Published in 2009, this book remains one of the top essential reads for prince2® foundations and practitioners. This book offers a high standard of understanding of how to manage and direct successful projects with Prince2® for everyone. This book also correlates with the 2011 Cabinet Office’s Best Practice Management Portfolio Guidance. This high-level guide aligns with the updated Project Management method.

The Prince2® Practitioner

Written by Colin Bentley a former head examiner of Prince2® itself, The Prince2® Practitioner provides guidance that you can put to use in the current corporate world. How to apply the best principles, themes, and processes when working on a range of projects, is one of the foundational guide books for this certification and is an essential buddy if you wish to learn how to master the practical aspects of a Prince2® practitioner in real-time scenarios.

Prince2® Study Guide

A top choice of many Project Management experts, this study guide meets all the criteria of knowledge you’d need to ace the foundation and practitioner examination. For a thorough knowledge of your roles, responsibilities, and how to attain success, with real-world practical examples, this book is what you need. And indeed hundreds of people owe their success to this book which has been penned by a well-reputed Prince2® trainer.

You can take a look at other great books such as Prince2® for Dummies, Mastering Principles and Practices in PMBOK®, Prince2® and Scrum, Prince2® Agile, and so on. While you can choose to take the help of one book or five and if you wish to save these costs altogether, KnowledgeHut is at your rescue with a holistic theoretical and practical learning experience after which attaining the certification would be effortless for you.

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