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Keys to Transforming your Business into a Successful Business

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Keys to Transforming your Business

Keys to Transforming your Business – Years ago, I enjoyed watching a video featuring the genius Jay Abraham, one of the men who revolutionized the marketing industry with his vast knowledge of copywriting, persuasion, human psychology, and sales.

In this article, I want to share the seven tips I learned from Jay Abraham to achieve our goals, differentiate ourselves from the competition, and become the best option for our customers.

Step 1: Gain the Trust of your Customers

Nowadays, with many companies globally and everyone saying the same thing, it is complicated for customers to determine who is more knowledgeable and who can be trusted more when making a purchase—a product or service.

So, if you have a business, your first concern should be how to gain the trust of your potential customers.

  • Your mission is to know your customers better than anyone, and it all starts with empathy.
  • They need to recognize and diagnose their problems, connect with their pain and have their situation on a deep and personal level.
  • The information you provide and the services you offer must show that they found you the solution to their problems.
  • In other words, your goal is for customers to feel like they are being shown the way to solve their problems or get what they want.

Step 2: Create your Marketing Vision

It is essential to have a vision, a mission, and a purpose in business. Having an idea means creating a reality that has not yet materialized in imagination.

Remember visionaries like Edison, Da Vinci, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs: brave people with clear ideas, resources and the determination to turn those ideas into real and concrete goals.

We can all have a vision. In fact, without vision, there is no change; and without change, there is no growth. Therefore, you must imagine what your future will be like. And to formulate your vision, all you have to do is ask yourself these questions:

If your business were perfect someday, how would you define it? How would it look? Would you like it? How about your reputation? Think of a strong vision, something you want for your market, not your business.

I’m telling you this because the worst mistake entrepreneurs and business people make is to think of their business before their market.

Step 3: Tell your Personal Story

Everyone loves to hear great stories, especially when they are fascinating and inspiring stories. As an expert in your niche, you must be willing to open up to your market; tell the world your own story; to talk about your dreams, hopes, frustrations, mistakes, falls, etc.

Step 4: Create Predictable Behaviour

When you’re an expert in your market, people feel a special connection with you, and part of that connection is creating predictable behaviour.

You create your predictable communication behaviours by speaking to your community, whether through your emails, blog articles, videos, podcasts, etc.

So remember that to communicate with your followers, you have to choose a communication platform, be it YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., and speak in your style, tone and voice.

Step 5: Create an Exclusive Community for your Customers

We all know that one of the goals of any business and brand is to build customer loyalty. Loyalty allows you to communicate directly with them, send them relevant information, build your community, and build brand equity.

Customer retention is a process that must be built gradually and based on a clear strategy. The goal is for the customer to remember your brand and for it to be one of the first things that come to mind when they think about their purchase.

When you have an exclusive community of potential customers, you can treat them like VIPs, give them special treatment, and guide them to a higher level of service.

Step 6: Transform your Customers into Brand Ambassadors

When you get a list of personal brand ambassadors or advocates, you get gold for your business. Advocates will announce it to their family, friends, and supporters. They will talk about your services and their experience of working with you. As you can see, they are a vital force in spreading your viral marketing message.

Advocates are drawn to your services because their lives have remained transformed by the solution you provided to solve their problems.

Hence, it is convenient for you to turn your clients into brand ambassadors. According to a market study, the future of a company’s sales depends directly on the number of customer ambassadors of its brand.

Step 7: Learn from the Best Mentors

If you want to become an expert in your market, first learn from the best mentors who are where you want to be.

A mentor is a great help. Since he has already walked this path, he can help, support and advise you. He can give you instructions that you will never find in the study materials or that you might discover on your own through trial or error. The help of a guide is invaluable.

Finally, remember that if you want to achieve a different result than what you have achieved so far, you cannot continue with what you have been doing. You must try other actions and work more on your mindset.