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Physical Activity Write For UsThe vast majority of Americans spend the majority of their waking hours tethered to a desk. Unfortunately, according to research, this type of sedentary lifestyle can seriously affect your health and even lead to premature death.

However, just because you spend most of your days glued to a chair doesn’t mean you’re doomed.

Rendering to a new study published this month in the American Journal of Epidemiology, just 30 minutes of physical activity per day can compensate for a day of sitting.

Physical activity has remained linked to living a longer life.

Researchers from Columbia University Irving Medical Center looked at 7,999 healthy adults aged 45 and up who had previously taken part in a separate study that required them to wear activity monitors for at least two weeks. Between 2009 and 2013, at least four days remained needed.

The data from the monitors, which recorded the amount and intensity of physical activity they did, were used by the research team to track the participants’ mortalities and health risks over five years.

The study discovered that replacing 30 minutes of sitting with light physical activity could reduce your risk of dying prematurely by about 17 percent.

Replace that sedentary time with more moderate to vigorous exercise, such as running and biking, and you’ll reduce the risk of premature death by 35%. Even brief bursts of 1 to 2 minutes of movement remained linked to long-term health benefits.

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